You are beautiful

You must have heard the phrase, “If you don’t learn to love yourself, nobody will love you.”

It’s harsh, yet quite true! Loving yourself is key to living a happy, positive life.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, it was a long journey of self-discovery.

First memory of my journey was at school, guys in my class had started noticing that I’m super hairy! I heard things like: You’re a hairy beast, what do you put for your hair growth on your body? And the list goes on!

I also have super frizzy hair, and even that is an understatement. Do you remember Hermione Granger’s hair in the first Harry Potter Movie? That’s how I looked.

Adding to my misery, I had braces AND glasses! Friends made fun of me by comparing me to the Indian version of Ugly Betty.

My confidence couldn’t plummet any further. I was beyond depressed.  

All of this came to a halt when my mum narrated what my Nani told her. My Grandmother (God bless her) told her: Once you’re ready to go out, take a look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud: “I am beautiful!”

You can talk about modesty, but I literally do that! This philosophy proved to be life changing for me.

You can talk about modesty, but I literally do that!


Live it. Memorize it. Make it your Holy Grail.

To all the girls who’ve heard

Hye, ye tau kaali hai,” or  “Iski naak tau Pakora hai.”

Don’t listen to them. I want to pull up all my sisters and say to them:

“At least your heart isn’t as kaala as theirs,” and “Through this Pakora naak you can smell and detect their viciousness from afar.”

I’m happy and content with myself. Not because the world has changed, but because I have. Not because they’ve stopped saying mean things, but because I’ve learned to block out the noise. To think positively about myself. To be grateful to God and to accept myself as He created me.

I’ve EMBRACED myself!

Please do the same!

“We have indeed created humankind in the best of molds.”
Quran 95:4 (Surat At-Tin, The Fig)

This article is submitted by Mehak Ifitkhar

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