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Hosting approximately 10000 hits daily, Soul Sisters Pakistan is a leading Pakistan based blog and Facebook group discussing fashion, beauty and lifestyle for the Urban Pakistani woman. Our main audience is women between the ages 16 to 45, located across the globe. Our target audience is a demographic often overlooked but immensely powerful – i.e. young, progressive desi women. The content in this blog is suited to fit the casual reading and entertainment needs of this very affluent sector.

Soul Sisters Pakistan is regularly approached to collaborate with various brands on the blog. In order to appeal to our target audience we believe in customizing sponsored posts to fit our blogging style. With regular insights into consumer behaviour, we believe in keeping up to date with our readers’ interests and work hard to ensure they are met through the content on this blog.

Soul Sisters Pakistan is open to paid product endorsements, reviews and features as long as they are relevant to the target market and meet the quality standards we have benchmarked. Our readership and their trust in the content is of great significance to us. Hence, our reviews are 100% honest and loyalty lies with the consumer. All paid posts are mentioned as so on the blog to let the reader know they have been sponsored.

For more direct advertising and affiliate marketing, we have various segments on the blog available for animated banners.

Rates for product endorsements and advertisements vary for big businesses and small ones – in order to give entrepreneurs and small business owners visibility in front of potential clients.

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