What dreams are made of

“36 percent of your life will be spent asleep, which means that if you live to 90, then 32 years will be spent sleeping.”

If this is the statistic for an average person, I can only imagine what my average for wearing pajamas would be as I’ve spent half of my days wearing pajamas minus time spent in school.


I was always that “dheet” Person, who would only change into “normal” clothes when some guests or relatives were over or when going out. And I had only owned pajamas that were from “Sunday Bazaar” or Zainab Market. Sometimes good ones from those generous “Khalas” living abroad which were saved for sleepovers with cousins or friends.

After finishing my degree from a business school, which was mostly about getting trained to work for someone – totally not my thing that I realized during my 6 week internship at a bank – I took my entrepreneurship course way too seriously. It was my window of opportunity to learn about doing my own thing!


Fast forward to my graduation in December 2014, I was nikah-ed to the love of my life soon after. With my wedding coming up I began to search for my dream pajamas in Pakistan and with the dearth of good sleepwear in Karachi, I had to resort to expensive brands online. Priced at $ 70 and above, with no room for trial and error since they were to be shipped to me, I was struck with a bright idea. There was clearly a gap in the market and as a sleepwear lover I decided to fill it!

I discussed the idea with my husband and with his support I just went for it. My super chilled out mother in law pushed me forward further and got all the technical details planned out. She has been one of the most encouraging people through my venture, mashaAllah!


And so, SlumberGram was born in the Summer of 2015. It has grown in leaps and bounds with a team of dedicated people working for it round the clock! I hope my story inspires budding entrepreneurs to go for their dreams. No dream is too big for your passion to conquer. And until you try you’ll never know!

This post is sponsored by Slumbergram Pakistan.

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