Till we feet again

The story that I tell today is a story that you don’t hear every now and then.

This is a story of my sister.

Her struggles, her achievements, her loss.

And how she built her self back.

Rabia Ansari. A healthy 11 pound beautiful baby.

Like every other girl she always wanted to get married and have lots of children. Allah had other plans for her.

When she turned 17, right around my marriage she was diagnosed with ATAXIA (is a neurological sign consisting of lack of voluntary coordination of muscle movements that can include gait abnormality, speech changes and abnormalities in eye movements).

Our world fell apart. It was like lightning hit us but in slow motion. We all were really depressed and started to find more about this disease. To our surprise this particular disease was also new to medicine. There is still no cure and NO Medicine to date.

Only exercise and regular vitamins were prescribed. Days turned to months and months to years. We saw her health deteriorating in front of our eyes. It was very painful. She started walking clumsily, then came holding on to walls to walk, down to taking help of others and walking and then ultimately wheel chair.

Her heart wrenching cries and deserted eyes made my parents break everyday.

Time was passing and we were also trying to cope with the loss. On 17 May 2013, she met a guy on a forum called Friedreich’s ataxia. He had a similar disease but his was more associated with muscles. He had muscle dystrophy. They both used to talk about how their past lives and how they have lost hope in everything.

They met in July for the first time, at Gloria jeans. I still remember the happiness in my sister’s voice which was dead for a long time. He made her happy and she gave him hope.

With a lot of struggle and harsh comments like are you guys mad, she is crippled! They got married on 25 December 2013. It was one of the best weddings. Not because it was my sister’s but because it was a marriage of hopes and dreams coming true.

She was blessed with one of the best in-laws one could dream of. She had all the luxuries. She was loved by everyone and was heard. We saw her transforming from a bitter person to a beautiful person, who had a purpose.

Then once again Allah had a different plan.

On Aug 2016, Sayem my sister’s husband started getting sick. Initial diagnosis was indigestion but on 4 Nov 2016 we lost Sayem. Our world fell apart once again. My sister not only lost her husband but her purpose of living and dreaming. She was once again lost in a never ending torment. As her in laws were in Karachi and my family in Lahore it was difficult for my mother to stay there for her iddat. And we had to bring her with us. Those months were very painful for her and us. Time passed by but she could never find peace. It was like she lost herself.

To this date not a single day goes by that she is not reminded of the love she lost. She struggles with her health everyday. She is waiting to be united with her husband.

She says, “Saman!! Why is this wait so long. I want to close my eyes and be with him and this time our love will bloom on feet not on wheels.”

Currently she is in USA completing her time to get the citizenship. She wants to start an online mentoring session to inspire people and to spread awareness about her disease. Please keep my sister and her late husband in your prayers.

This story is sent in by Saman Faisal

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