The Mom-acation

It all started when my friends and I decided we desperately needed to getaway from everyday chores and life. That’s when we came up with a vacation plan without the kids and husband to have our own girls-only party far from the routine lives of being wives and mothers. We had been planning to go on a vacation together for almost a decade but this time we literally put our foot down to make it materialize. So one fine day we just finalized the dates and even though two friends from the six of us were unable to join in, we decided to go ahead rather than further delay the much anticipated trip.

After long, excited discussions we decided on Thailand as our vacation spot because it is the hub of party in Asia and fit everyone’s budget. My husband was definitely ahead of everyone else in encouraging us to go because he too felt I needed a break from the monotony of my life.

Traveling with your friends is the best therapy in life. I have travelled earlier too with my school friends and have such good memories of those trips. Those seven days of pure bliss , jokes, tolerating each others nonsense is something I will always look back to and cherish. We would be up early morning to go out and subsequently be dead tired by the end of the day. We had nothing planned: we took it a day at a time and would just google to  read reviews and mutually decide. The abrupt day plan used to work fine and we would end up making the most of our day. We visited Bangkok and Phuket: explored all the malls, from high end to wholesale shopping to souvenirs shopping and food street in Bangkok.

Phuket is a party place with something for everyone. We stayed near the famous Patong beach, explored some gorgeous islands with beautiful carved caves and experimented with canoeing and snorkelling followed by some epic foot massages at the end of the day. Those seven days were gone in a blink of an eye but we had the time of our life. Only to collectively decide this was a plan worth following once every year!

This article is submitted by Sabeen Rahim

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