#SuchayReviews: 3 home-deliverable chocolate desserts to try in Karachi

If you’re in Karachi and craving for some seriously good desserts, we have it all figured out for you. Our top picks this week are available for home delivery and an ode to chocolate lovers.

1. Karamel’s Cookie Cups

You literally need to stop whatever you’re doing and just admire these beauties.

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Image Source

Possibly the most amazing way to start your day (or end it) since we even had them for breakfast. Rich, velvety and basically created to intoxicate you. The best part is the chocolate they’ve used is EXTREMELY good. And they are packaged well so they didn’t topple over or get squashed during delivery because these customized boxes held them up firmly. Full marks for that too.

We just heard they recently launched chunky cookies too. But yet to try those out!

2. Nutella and chocolate brownies by Sinful Bites

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Image Source

They’re very, very, very × infinity GOOD. The type you should eat when happy. Or sad. Or celebrating. Or mourning. Or watching a movie. Basically you just be eating this all the time. And it’ll make you instantly happy. The brownies themselves, are a piece of happiness. And everyone should get a fat share of it.

3. Dessert Jars by The Saucy Mistress

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Image Source

One of the most popular desserts in Karachi, these dessert jars are worth binging on. Other than being the most delectable sweets each of the jars have a unique name. Easy on the pocket and served in a reusable mason jar, these 150 ml sized treats are even perfect to serve at parties. Our favorites have to be Holy Fudge (Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate caramel ganache) and Nuts in May (Snickers Pie).

If you’re done drooling, pick up the phone and order away. You really don’t want to miss out. 

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