Why I stopped using shampoos

Every time I take a trip to Karachi I go to hair stylists to experiment with my hair color. Also known as: “apnay baal tabah karnay ja rahi hai,” in mom-language. More often than not the sadistic prediction from her end rings true when I come home with hair as orange as Cheetos because my genetically jet black hair are a little… okay SUPER tough to cut down and lighten. Or so the stylists say. And generally requires a few sittings of toning to get the desired color. I don’t have as much expertise in this department so I cannot say if they are right or wrong but the conclusion is that with the hair dyed I need to start caring for it.

When I got back to Jeddah last week, I began my hunt for a good shampoo for color treated hair. That’s when I came across this.

This is the Hair Expertise EverPure Cleansing Balm by L’Oreal. And sitting on the shelf, it looked a lot more fascinating than the regular shampoo/conditioner duos. The bottle read that it was a 6 in 1 combination i.e. it cleanses, conditions, treats, detangles, softens AND makes your hair shine all in one go. As in I skip the hair conditioner and mask step which basically is a win-win for a mom like me who gets less than five minutes to shower. Not to mention it is sulfate-free, silicone-free AND dye-free. In fact it apparently protects your dye up to 32 washes. I was sold.

Upon trying – I swear this stuff is magical. It has a calming rosemary-mint smell which I personally dig. And it is mild enough to be used every, single day especially after the gym. Although I don’t wash my hair daily and prefer doing it 3 times a week. My hair was visibly shinier when dry and felt super soft despite being subjected to so many dyes and chemicals this past week! They were also completely detangled! So no knots. Game-changer, guys.

The one thing I noticed is that it doesn’t strip your hair off natural oils so you might mistaken your hair for seeming slightly oily post usage, but that’s because we’re used to over-drying formulas in regular shampoos. It made my hair look more voluminous than usual and softened the texture too. I’d share the picture but hijab and all. Also it makes no foam or lather so that might catch you off guard too – but rest assured, it’s still cleansing and cleaning your hair.

I purchased mine off the imported shampoos section from Danube in Jeddah for approximately 70 SAR. But you can order online from over the makeup pages in Pakistan like Makeup & Accessories.

So laydis, this cool, little hair cleanse technology is why I moved on from shampoos.

Until next time!

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