Your Skin, Your Responsibility: Know What You Use!

I frequently come across a scenario that has become familiar for me: a girl is pressured into using creams or make-up products on her skin without being told what goes into them.

It’s a well-known fact our society puts pressure on girls to use these “beauty” creams. Recently new deceptions are coming to light as low quality and substandard brands have  found ways of targeting uninformed people.

For example, PSCIR recently confirmed that their logo used on Faiza Beauty Cream was without their permission, and therefore was illegally used.

Fortunately there’s been a backlash against this kind of disinformation.

In this video by BBC that is making rounds online, brands like Faiza Beauty Cream and Golden Pearl have been called out for having high quantities of mercury in them. Mercury puts women using those products in danger of developing diseases as horrendous as skin cancer.

Masarat Misbah has also conducted press conferences in Karachi and Lahore educating about these issues.

The Depilex Smile Again Foundation has taken a stand, calling for mandatory standardization of skin creams in Pakistan to protect the health of consumers.

The need for regulation is highlighted by recent international media reports that have exposed a number of Pakistan origin creams as being poisonous for consumers. In addition to the harm such chemicals do to women, such actions also malign the reputation of Pakistan, affecting the country’s trade relations with countries across the world.

In 2016, the PSQCA finalized ‘PS-3228/2016 – Skin Creams’. This standard currently allows skin cream manufacturers to voluntarily adopt manufacturing practices in line with global standards.

This isn’t enough. It is crucial that these standards become not optional, but mandatory, to ensure safety and to protect Pakistan’s reputation.

Being in the field, I witness many tragic cases regarding skin creams and their usage.

Don’t you all think it’s time we call for a proper standardization of the manufacturing of these creams? Don’t we care enough about what we use? Should those of us less privileged and unable to access medical awareness regarding these creams be abandoned?

I’ve chosen to voice this concern on a platform that is by women and for women because I believe we can make a difference. Let’s take a stand, and share the news of brands like Faiza Beauty Cream and Golden Pearl being harmful for us and a disgrace to Pakistan!

This post is written by Dr. Aasma Zaidi



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