This is why they prayed for a daughter

In our society daughters are at best considered an accessory, at worst a burden. Fatima Abbas shared this amazing aww-inducing story with us.

When I was young my favourite time of the day was when my mom would tuck me into bed. Bedtime consisted of my mother narrating to us incidents about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his Ahlul-bayt and his Companions. As a young child I was fascinated by the ones about Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain used to pray Tahajjud every night and would ask for something very close to his heart. This special thing he would ask Allah from the depths of his heart for was a daughter.

Just some years after burying daughters alive had been a commonplace thing, the grandson of the Prophet (SAW) begged Allah for a little daughter. Someone who would be the light of his eyes. Who would hold his heart in her little hands.

Allah granted his wish. He was blessed with a wonderful daughter. He named her Sakina (AS), which means “Allah ka diya huwa sukoon.” His daughter Sakina was such a pillar of strength for Imam during hard times he would say, “My home is that place where my daughter Sakina is”.

During my pregnancy, some people were actually shocked I was fervently praying for a GIRL. My daughter was born on 1st October last year. She is the joy of our hearts. My husband is especially crazy about her. We named her SAKINA.

Story submitted by Fatima Abbas

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