A Pakist-ino love story

They met in Dubai, where Hassan was the external IT guy for the company in which Karl worked. He liked to dress up every day and wore a suit to work. On Karl’s first day in her office, Hassan approached her desk and gave an impression that he is the manager. While she assumed he was the boss, he was there to fix her computer. Fast forward, they started to talk, hang out together, and became the most adorable couple out there.

However, their relationship was a question mark on the basis of societal, cultural, and religious norms. Hassan is from Pakistan, whereas, Karl’s home country is Philippines. He is a Muslim, and she is a Christian. He called Him Allah, and she called him God. While he prostrated on his prayer mat five times a day, she sang worship songs and prayed quietly. Did the distinctive differences between them stop them from being together? No.

Hassan and Karl started to trust each other. She listened to his stories and he understood her problems. They opened their heart to possibilities of forever and decided to transform their beautiful relationship into a marriage.  They both had to convince their families regarding their union and they proved their love with the utmost dedication which they depicted through their actions. Hassan learned to speak tagalog, a language used in Philippines, whereas Karl learned Urdu. They both focused on understanding each other’s culture, religion, traditions and society.

In July 2016, Karl visited Pakistan the second time. The first time was when she met Hassan’s family, and the second time for their marriage. From Mayun to Valima, each day their love was visible through how they looked at each other, joked around, and were comfortably weird in each other’s presence. Their Desi wedding including the mayun, rukhsati and valima was extremely beautiful.

In Karl’s words “I will never forget the valima, nikah, the rickshaw tea.” Yep, she meant rukhsati.

While Karl had successfully pleased Hassan’s parents and family, it was now his turn to be accepted in her family. In September 2016, they both went to Philippines where their garden wedding was held strengthening their relationship and bond.

Their story is nothing short of how love feels like. Karl believes it is not okay to condemn anyone just because he or she is raised differently. People should not be judgmental, but should allow others to share their beliefs, stories, way of life, and faith before forming an opinion. Hassan and Karl are definitely the couple goals! I hope they both continue to love each other and stay together for years to come.

This story is shared by Ruba Mehreen

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