About my nikah that never happened

My very extravagant nikkah was supposed to be on 13th Jan, 2017. Friday the 13th.

Everything was done from my side: the hall was booked, dance practices were done but something wasn’t right. My sixth sense said something bad was going to happen.

I could see the prettiest henna on my hands and feet in a dholki of my dreams. But I wasn’t happy.

I picked up my phone to call my in laws assuming they would be at the Rawalpindi airport, en route to Karachi for the wedding. But none of them picked up my call. Not even my husband to be. I was fairly perturbed but brushed it off and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I called up my sister in law to ask if they had reached and found out, much to my dismay that they were still in Islamabad! Their friend had conned them into paying for a chartered flight that did not exist! My big day was set to be doomed. And our relatives had gossip to discuss for the years to come.

“Facebook se dostiyon ka yehi anjaam hota hai.”

“Yeh rishta karaya kis ne tha?”

What was to be the best day of my life turned into the worst. My husband and his mother grabbed the first tickets they could and reached Karachi just to prove that they were not cheating on us. The nikah ceremony was converted into an engagement and I ditched the nikah dress to dress down into something simpler.


Despite all the chaos I kept my calm and even though I was upset I tried to stay positive.

After things cleared out, I got my nikah done later in the year and today I am the happiest wife because I have a husband every woman wishes for.

I learnt that day, to enjoy every moment of my life because people talk regardless. And to find moments of joy even in the most chaotic of times.

This story is shared by Fizzah Ghouri (Member of Soul Sisters Pakistan)

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