Inner wear that looks and feels good

If you live in Karachi and are deprived of good inner wear because of the lack of lingerie shops – yes, the ling-aareee stalls in Sunday bazaar don’t count – fret no more. I just found the perfect place to address all our inner wear needs.

Presenting: amanté. This is a premium lingerie brand – from the same company that manufactures for Marks & Spencer and Victoria’s Secret. Except. The brand, amanté designs for the South Asian women. So each of their designs are made specially to suit our body types and needs. That’s a real winner there.

I found their shop tucked away in Dolmen Mall Clifton (behind Lal’s). It’s definitely not your quiet, shady lingerie store with no sales people to guide you. The girls at amanté were sweet and welcoming – but not in your face. They gave me some great lingerie buying tips and believe it or not I was super guilty of committing some cardinal sins while choosing the right bra.

Drawers filled with gorgeous lingerie

Another really important point the sales person highlighted was regularly buying a new bra. So the life of a bra used regularly is about 6 to 8 months. You can tell it’s starting to get worn out when the elasticity of the straps start wearing out.

The bridal collection

Luckily, amanté is addressing everyone’s underwear needs. So they had their gorgeous bridal collection. But also the regular cotton collection in t-shirt bras. They had the lace-y ones with underwire and fancy ones without. I  have to say I was impressed at the variety, because you hardly have choice in inner wear colors in most places – let alone other specifications!

I particularly loved the latest, winter collection – Aura. Vibrant colors, lace, satin and an array of beautiful styles – a really gorgeous selection! Exciting and extravagant, it plays with bold, feminine colors like red and pink coupled with the dusky hues of violet and introduces some glamorous prints, laces and cuts! Basically stuff that any woman would love to wear!

You can follow amanté on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out their store in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi.

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