The lady with the skinny husband

What could be worse in life than living in a judgmental, haw-haye type society? And what could be better than having a loving husband? Hi, My name is Samra Razakazi and here’s my story. I am a fat woman with a skinny husband, well yes!

This is an unfortunate label which has been gifted to me by the society. 4 years ago.

My husband Hasan and I started seeing each other and he instantly fell in love with me. Yes, he fell for my personality, madness and how I carried myself. Which is why even after years of our marriage I didn’t have to change a single thing about me, my appearance and personality. I was fat before our marriage and even fatter now and he’s still skinny! What a perfect match-made.

Ever since we got married, I have been taunted on how skinny he is and how fat am I. The judgemental and  aunties of the society recommend me to join the gym, look after him, control my diet and what not.

Aray bhai, apke paiso pe zinda nahi hon aur na he muft ka advice maanga hai.

I mean recently an aunty said to me, “Aray 1 bachay k baad he itna weight barha lia hai, agay ki haal hoga? Gym jana shuru kuin nahi karti?

Why can’t people focus on their lives instead of poking into others happily wedded lives? Nobody would ever understand about the struggle and efforts I put in. Nobody knows how hard I try to lose weight and stay fit. Never judge a book by its cover, I’d say here.

I used to feel bad but my husband always supported me and he tells me that there is no shame in being fat. Just be active, live your life and nothing else matters because love comes in all shapes and sizes. My husband always gives me confidence! He encourages me to give a shut up call to the world instead of listening to them. My husband, Hasan, is doing Job 9-5 and I have night events due to the nature of my work. While I am away for work at night, Hasan looks after Mekail.

Our society doesn’t accept a girl if she is working late on top of being overweight. I do not master the art of making gol rotis but I give my maximum to our house and family. Allah has blessed me with a loving husband, supportive in-laws and a hyperactive son!

All you women out there, stop worrying about “Log kia kahain gayn” kyun ke logon ka toh kaam he hai kehna! Live, love and smile!

This story is submitted by Samra Razakzai

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