An afternoon at Karachi Ladies Club

If you’re a lady who lives in Karachi, you may want to read this post. A bunch of us – Soul Sisters – happened to visit the Karachi Ladies Club this week.

The locker rooms
The locker rooms

What is KLC, you ask? It’s basically a well equipped health club but with a small spa on the side. And only for women. Founded and run by 26 year old Nissa Bukhari, this holistic health club has a set of exercise classes – zumba, boxing, power yoga and aerobics – that one can mix and match to their liking. The fully functional gym with personal trainers is perfect for anyone looking to work out on a regular basis.

Image Source
Image Source

What really sets it apart though, is that its very clean and well maintained. So you don’t walk in to nasty locker room smells. It’s open and airy, with plenty of natural light. We were also pleasantly surprised that they have an all-natural theme running for their spa. So the cleansers, masks, toners – everything is home made! No chemicals. The place excludes positive vibes and that’s sort of their mantra. To help people beat negativity and approach life with a happier perspective.

The hair spa
The hair spa

Here are individual reviews by the girls who visited the Spa section of the club, on the services they tried.


I tried the Organic Aloe Vera Turmeric Honey Facial and the 30 minute aroma therapy massage. Both were fabulous to say the least. My masseuse was very well trained (with 12 years of experience) and not only did she know all the right pressure points she gave me multiple tips to help keep myself relaxed during stressful days. I haven’t had a facial in two years and I have been keeping myself off too many chemicals ever since I had a baby. So the organic facial was a welcome delight. She was very gentle on my skin – didn’t use steam or scratch out blackheads. Just a mild, gentle cleanse followed by home made scrub and a soothing, moisturizing mask. I felt refreshed!


Loved the interior of the club. The head oil massage was really good! It was basically a mix of all natural products: Aloe Vera, ginger and olive oil – no artificial contents, no shady boxes were coming out (lol). Was not too happy with the hair wash though as the water kept coming on my face but can’t blame the poor lady as my hair are long. 


I tried the aloe vera hair treatment. Loved the place! Massage was nice and lengthy but I felt  pressure points to press and were a bit hard on the presses.


My massage was so good! One hour ten mins long. No fazul chit chat. Naseem was awesome. Perfect room temperature. And ambiance. I feel so relaxed and blank (haha). However, would have loved it to be a bit more sound proof. And some more nice scents around me. Though the rooms were nice and cinnamon-y!

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