Easy peasy DIY Bookends

I am forever in search of fun knick knacks and when I came across a set of funky yet functional bookends from a well known store in Karachi I couldn’t resist but buy them. My husband was not pleased to say the least especially when he heard how much I had for them. Anyway I didn’t let him burst my bubble of excitement and happily decorated my bookshelf with my new buy.

However, being me, I kept thinking about how the bookends were quite expensive and not something one couldn’t achieve at home. So it got me inspired into doing my own version of these fun bookends. Once I got down to it – it turned out to be super easy and VERY pocket friendly.


So basically I asked a carpenter to join two small pieces of wood in the shape of an L. If you don’t have access to a carpenter you can take two wooden slabs and glue them together too, with some heavy, industrial glue.

I then got down to painting it. I did mine white and brown, but of course you can go as creative as you like with how you want to do yours. Experiment with colors, patterns, prints – whatever you like!


Now what makes mine really different are the pieces I have glued onto the top of the bottom slab. I was lucky enough to find these gorgeous ceramic elephants from a pottery shop and the rickshaw from a handicraft store. I glued them on. They gave these bookends a non-regular, rather exotic and quirky feel!

And that’s it! My brand new, one of a kind, funky bookends at barely quarter the price. When I showed them to my husband, he said he loved them but of course questioned why I hadn’t thought of it earlier. Oh well, who says you can please them all?


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