The hijab sitting on the seesaw between two oppressions

We’re living in mysterious times these days. Strange and unfathomable times.

Europe, that blessed animal that lumbered out of the Renaissance with enlightened ideals and lofty principles, is famous for its modern day Islamophobia. These days they’re like Trump’s long lost brothers, except less orange.

It’s been a while since the Burkini ban. They haven’t had fun like that in a long time. So, scratching their elbows, they pondered their next step.

And with a BOOM (Not an ISIS or Al Qaeda type brown bearded man BOOM. A more civilised white patriarchal BOOM, ’kay?) came the newest Euro-fatwa.

European court of justice (bwaha “justice”) at Luxemborg ruled it legal for employers to ban women wearing the headscarf from working. As in, fire the hijabis. Also fire the Sikhs and the other people whose faith is visible, but we all know who Europe’s pet crush is.

(Answer: it’s the hijab. Hijab is Europe’s hate-bae).

Is it right? Is it wrong? France’s conservative Right is super happy, as predicted. Their plan to bring about world peace by further isolating an isolated and disenfranchised community will totally not lead to more radicalisation and terror. That’s not going to happen AT ALL.

^That was sarcasm. I was using Microsoft Word’s sarcastic font.

The reality? If uncontrolled, this thinking will lead to destablising the Muslim community in the West. It demonstrably has. Oppression rarely helps anyone in the long run.

But let’s turn our eyes a little close to home. Surely in the land of the Pure, we’ll find young Muslim women empowered and free to make the choices they want to for their religion? For the sake of their God, and not for silly worldly reasons?

Hold that thought. By the throat. And read the rest while it slowly dies.

Punjab’s Higher Education Minister came up with the idea of awarding “grace” marks to girls in government colleges who have had low attendance. Not unheard of – except in this case, these grace marks come with a condition.

The students must be in Niqaab.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wearing what you want to. Women who wear Niqaab have the complete right to do so. But what is the motivation behind the school’s pressure for the Niqaab?

To bring the next generation back to our values, is the verdict. Interestingly, this same Minister also suggested the hijab be made mandatory for these college girls.

Please stop reading and do a Google search, if you like, of the people behind the suggestion. Check out their wedding pictures and their families. I assure you, not one of the ladies is wearing the Niqaab. Or a headscarf.

Which is fine. You do you. That’s what free will is all about. But then why criticize a nation of “abandoning” values while you give yourself the freedom to do as you like?

Let’s say we get on board with this exchanging marks for the Niqaab idea. What is it supposed to encourage?Should we make the hijab a tool of trade…if you wear it you snag some extra marks in an exam? Should our values be encouraging hypocrisy? Should girls who wear hijab start practicing religion for other than Allah?

I guess the brown patriarchy’s agenda was always that – to be the ultimate majaazi Khuda. Attempting to outdo God in their cute little cult and slapping the “Islam” label on it. Most Muslims would agree Islam is far superior to that.

Does the nation need more fake reasons to pretend closeness to a God they can conveniently forget when it comes to backbiting and paying rishwat

Both East and West seem to have their own agenda, and each expects its women to jump through hoops to fulfil them. Women are not puppets. Even if you suppress them today, it’s going to come back to haunt you tomorrow.

It’s honestly really sad. The reality behind both styles of “empowerment” has become totally lost. All that’s left are men who can’t comprehend women can actually have a say in the matter.

It’s been a weird week to be a woman.

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