This is the easiest remedy for hair loss

Seeing a hairbrush or floor full of hair can be stressful. Continuous hair fall can also cause your locks to thin overtime. And more often than not, fancy products on shelves are unable to restore your hair to their original state.

We talked to a few hair experts and found out that the secret to great hair growth lies in your kitchen! After trying it out for two weeks, the results spoke for themselves. We’re talking about an often overlooked ingredient – little ol’ onion! It’s not just readily available in an average kitchen it is also super inexpensive and very, very effective.

You see, onions are rich in sulfur which is a one of the main minerals that make up your hair. It also contains an enzyme that can prevent premature graying. Other than providing your hair nourishment, onions also have antibacterial properties that can help solve hair infections (that in some cases are the reason behind hair loss).

Here are two easy ways to use onions to your advantage in your hair-loss situation. 


Onion Juice for the Scalp

Peel outer layer of the onion and chop it into small pieces.

Toss it into a blender or use a grater and shred it finely.

Pop this pulp on a strainer and squeeze out the juice.

Massage this juice into your hair – focusing on the scalp and roots.

Keep for 45 minutes before washing off with shampoo.

Onion and coconut hair mask

Mix one part of onion juice (prepared as above) with 2 parts of coconut oil.

You can also add an essential oil of your liking (like peppermint as it also helps with hair growth).

Massage the mixture into your scalp and keep it in for an hour or two.

Rinse it off with shampoo.

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