This girl got down on one knee for the man she loved

How often do you see a girl going down on one knee in the middle of a hotel lobby with music in the background putting a ring on HIS finger?

Well, I’ve seen this woman… Scratch that… I AM that woman.

It was his birthday, I had planned everything, dinner, series of gifts and how they will be coming on the table in intervals. Amongst the gifts was a silver band with his name engraved inside; he saw the ring smiled and kept it aside. Once we were out of the restaurant and stepped in the hotel lobby, he looked me in the eyes and told me, “You know I’m not letting you go that easily, you’ll have to put the ring on, right here, right now.”

Have you seen a statue, frozen at one place?

That’s what I was, a frozen statue, frozen at one place, dumbstruck, flabbergasted, awestruck and now I’m running out of adjectives but you understand what I was feeling? Right?

I was looking at his face to see if it would break in to laughter. With every passing second I realized this insane guy was serious!

As if on cue, the singer in the lobby started singing a romantic song. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Perfect timing, my brain shouted.

He could sing ANY song, and I mean any song, he could even sing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ but no, every atom in that hotel had a plan to side with HIM that day.

With his hidden smirk and twinkling eyes he dared me. I looked in his eyes and my hesitation vanished. Please don’t mistake this sudden change of heart as my heart melting and giving in to his ‘dreamy’ eyes.  It was quite the opposite!

It was the stubbornness in his eyes telling me we would not leave the premises till this was over. And so I went down on one knee and put the ring on his finger.

Fast forward to our wedding day, Mr. Mehak still hasn’t ‘proposed’ (Can you imagine?) During our photo shoot at the SAME hotel, I ask him to reciprocate what I did years ago!

And he did.

He never said the words but the way he looked at me was equal to a thousand words.

This story is shared by Mehak Iftikhar

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