This gift for your partner will make for a birthday to remember

Raise your hands if your partner’s birthday is coming up and you’ve got nothing planned?

Fear not, for I’ve got the solution to knock his/her socks off with these ideas.

5 presents + 5 senses + All beautifully wrapped = winning combination.

Step 1:

Grab some paper and make a list. Start with 5 headings ( smell, sight, taste, touch, sound) and start brainstorming all the things your partner loves under each heading.

I’ll give you examples.

SOUND: headphones, ear buds, mixtape, Beyonce CD. You get the idea, you know your partner so go for something you know he or she would really love. My husband lost his bose ear plugs and needed a new pair. (Well, he kinda made it easy for me, didn’t he?)

SIGHT: sunglasses, video games, movies, phones, Ipads, etc

SMELL: fragrances, scented candles, flowers, etc

TOUCH: Literally anything goes here. Clothes, wallets, accessories, anything from the sound, smell and sight category that you would want them to have.

TASTE: cook them some dinner if you’re feeling extra fancy, maybe chocolate covered strawberries. Food is the way to the heart so choose carefully.


Buy some beautiful wrapping paper and a birthday card. I always go for the humorous cards.


After you’ve bought everything, wrap it all and tie some ribbon if you’re feeling extra creative. Grab a marker and label all your presents OR if you’re feeling extra lazy, Pinterest has pre-made labels you can print out and stick on. Dont forget to write inside your humorous birthday card and add some flirtatious messages too.

Step 4:

15 minutes before midnight, set up all the presents, the card, maybe some candles and flowers too. Light up the candles on the birthday cake and there you have it folks, a birthday to remember.

This article and DIY has been submitted by Sabrina Dugan.

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