For my abu

Its been 4 years since I got married, and every year on his birthday I would go home to be with him. Just be with him. For only after I moved away from him did I realize how terribly I need him at each step of my life. It has been 2 years since he moved abroad and although I miss all of my family, I miss him the most. This year on his birthday, I want this poem to be my gift to him from a million miles away, letting him know that his little girl will always need him.

Little girl whirling around
She flies so high, she sees no ground
As she comes down, she’s flung so high

Again to fly and touch the sky
Her saviour stands tall below
Smiling proudly at her mighty glow
He lets her fly in the comfort of his gaze
In the security of his arms, she feels no daze
He loves her and holds her like nobody can
He is her angel, her biggest fan
But then comes the time, when she has to go
Has to be on her own, has to take it slow
She is scared and anxious for she is little no more
She has to face it all, what life has in store
Though a distance of a million miles;He will still be around
He will still catch her, if she falls on the ground
He will still watch her from far away
Saving her from harm that comes her way
That little girl of his is not little anymore
But she needs him there like never before
She will always need him no matter how old
She will always need his warmth his touch, his hold
he is her hero, her saving grace
She can count on him in every phase
For his love is the truest love she has ever had
He is the one, who she calls DAD

Happy birthday Abu. Although a million miles away, you are always there with me! I love you!

This post is submitted by Farwa Batool Rizvi

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