Flavored bursts of energy in a teabag

It’s another incredibly hectic day at the Soul Sisters Pakistan office. While we hurriedly gulp down our lunch in between shoots, the doorbell rings and a much awaited package arrives.

Two brand new Tapal Green Tea Packages in enticing flavors – Apple Cinnamon and Peach – at our service! While the intern whips up some steaming hot water and the rest of the team excitedly pours their cups of green tea, I feel a slight reluctance since I am not the greatest fan of green tea.

Everyone urges me on to try it. This isn’t your typical green tea. I can already see on the boxes they’re fruit flavored and that makes me curious.

A bouquet of fascinating smells – fragrant peaches, apple and cinnamon, fills the room. I’m not exaggerating. The sweetness of the aroma especially made unboxing the tea bags a joy.

The appealing aroma therapeutic experience aside, this wasn’t to say I was convinced I’d like the tea. I took the first sip of the peach flavoured tea tentatively – and was surprised to find I really liked it!

The bitterness I’ve always associated with green tea had been significantly reduced. The taste was much more mellow. With each sip I felt like I was inhaling the tropical peach flavor. It was the perfect cup of tea to have during the work day. I can also see myself having it earlier in the day – even perhaps replacing coffee with it *gasp*.

The apple and cinnamon flavoured tea bags were very flavourful. In these the taste of green tea was still muted, but was somehow stronger than the peach flavoured one. Much recommended for those who love cinnamon, and aren’t afraid to brave the cleaner, pure green tea taste. It had a very calming effect, especially when combined with the almost apple pie scent. That was also something else I don’t usually get with coffee. I’m usually a tad jittery by the end of the day (i.e. five cups of coffee later). Green tea on the other hand contains anti-anxiety bioactive compounds. The soothing combination of the hot drink, the apple and cinnamon smell, and green tea’s innate anti-anxiety properties were incredibly relaxing during a wintry Karachi work day.

Everyone who has ever urged me to drink green tea has always stressed its immense health benefits. I would always wish I could get past my dislike of its taste and include it in my diet. Green tea is more than just beneficial – it’s part of the herbal medicine arsenal our elders implemented to diminish the likelihood of cancer and infections. In this day and age with our increased consumption of unhealthy junk food, we need all the healthy impact that green tea can give us. Tapal’s range of green tea would also help fight oxidative stress – detoxifying our body. These flavored green teas are the only way I can access those benefits, since I don’t like the typical taste.

Both flavors had a fullness of taste that really enriched the tea drinking experience. The fruit gave it a smooth and soft taste, without being overbearing. Especially in the case of the tropical peach flavoured ones.

The best thing of all is the scent. It gives the same relaxing feeling you get from scented candles. If self-care is part of your regimen then these tea bags are a must. The aftertaste of the tea was pleasant. I did not find it unduly acidic, which is how I thought it would be.

I totally recommend this range to convert anyone who doesn’t like green tea. Take it from someone who’s been there.

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