Father’s day Special

Every time I catch sight of my father, I marvel at the strength of this man. From the time I was a 3 year old kid crawling and loafing around the house, to a grown up mature woman, I have witnessed my dad being the mom of our little haven. From chopping the onions every time my mother cooked biryani, to washing dishes while we all rested in our comfortable beds, I have always witnessed him sharing the household chores and being equally responsible for all – good and bad. I have seen him preparing our lunch boxes for school and do the laundry when the maid ditched us.  In short, being the biggest-never complaining support at home.

With time, I have come to this realization that my father’s life has never ever been about him but always about the women in his life. In every decision, it has to be mom’s opinion first. In every reward, it has to be daughters first. The nucleus of his life has always been his daughters with each one accommodating at a different yet vital orbit of his life. The Jawani every one talks and plans about was all about bringing us up and catering our day to day needs in his case. The after retirement time everyone relates to Sukoon was about curving wide smiles on our faces and being our happiest-on- service person in this case. And finally the old age as said to be the synonym of no worries is all about pampering us, making us the yummiest mango shake and fulfilling our desires while he’s home.

Happy father’s day to this man whose life revolved, revolves and will always revolve around his wife and 6 daughters. Happy father’s day to everyone who shares the responsibility of bringing kids up, becomes a helping hand at home and stands against the stigma in this male dominant  society.

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