Eid Cards – An Odd Sense of Nostalgia

I used to look forward to those, growing up. There were dozens of cards I would receive from friends, cousins, parents, and so forth. Some times I would even buy myself a nice one or two and present that to my parents… still able to retain the ownership and display rights of those cards, lol. All of these would inevitably go on the little shabby side-table that the family discarded and I declared it as mine. As I grew older, I wanted to show them off at a spot with better visibility. So, as enthusiastic as I was, I grabbed a tape and glue stick to attach all my Eid and Birthday cards on the wall right above my single bed in a shared room.

The places I couldn’t reach on the wall, I climbed the headboard and DIY-ed as much as I could. The simple whitewashed wall in a modest home of ours was now adorned with my character – a plethora of glittery, floral, bubbly Eid Cards. Many were added each year. The faded ones were replaced… packed up and secured in my small side table. Still safe.

I would read the “shaer”, the inside jokes, the writing, the pen selection, the ink color… everything that people were to pen down on the card. I would painstakingly draw my own on pieces of paper and present them to special people. Other times, I would lovingly choose a nice pen to add a small paragraph on a greeting card and pass them to the recipients with a smile… and hopes. Hoping that they will like them. Hoping that they will keep them safe. Cherish them.

Gradually, the number of cards reduced.
The old ones faded.
The wall that was once the last thing I would look at as a waterfall of glitter and love was now filled with tape marks and chipped paints.
I didn’t have cards to replace the missing sections.
They stopped coming.
More so, those given by me were received with mere side-smiles and raised-brows.
I stopped.

Now, years and years down the lane. All I get are from Banks that I am a customer of or companies that wish to include me in PR.
From everybody else, there are generic forward texts from XYZ AND FAMILY – ON THIS AUSPICIOUS DAY. Whatsapp pictures. Facebook Statuses.
Precisely all that I don’t like.
The un-feeling mass-produced chain-mail spam.

What I would appreciate?
A simple wish – Eid Mubarik, Bia.
Deep down, perhaps an Eid card?

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