A couple that cooks together stays together

There are nights when the chicken is thawed properly and the vegetables are prepped. There are also those nights when we pop a frozen pizza into the oven. There are nights when our meals are artistic creations and we feel we could host our own cooking show…then there ar also those nights when the fridge is full but the brain is blank and we suffer temporary culinary amnesia (all hail the food delivery guys).

Sitting with family around the dinner table every night is important for us as a couple. My husband makes kickass Makai ki Rotiyan and mean Nutella-smore sandwiches. We have our share of picky and moody eaters in the family (our boys), and getting them to sit around the table for a few minutes is a challenge in itself, slightly alleviated with the help of blaring iPad screens and animated characters dancing manically on-screen. We live in a fast paced world. It’s why for us mealtimes are so important.

How do we do it? Between the two of us. We divide our tasks, roll up our sleeves and make the family dinner happen! Either the frozen pizza way, or the organic broccoli way!

I’m a stay-at-home mom so most weeknights I handle the food. He sees to handling the weekend cooking. He also steps up on those weekday nights when I would rather eat my own brains than deal with dinner (two toddlers over here! it happens).

Division of labor is what our household is built on. There are some things that we just never do and rely on the other person to shoulder responsibility for.

For me, I can NOT make rotis. I can make a kickass paratha with layers inside and a crispy exterior…but for the life of me I can’t handle a roti! I can’t knead the dough without it becoming  a gooey, sticky mess. Have never done it, don’t know how to do it, and don’t intend to learn.

My husband on the other hand, kneads the dough like a skilled 50 year old nonna, and makes such round, beautiful rotis that makes me proud of the man I married!

It’s always best to be in sync with each other as a couple. In my opinion you don’t see it any better than in a couple who cooks together!

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