The Bohra tradition in Ramzan

Cooking during Ramzan is one hell of a task, as we all know. However, in the Bohra community, Ramzan is the most relaxing time of the year. A blessing in its truest sense. We literally don’t have to cook at all for iftari or dinner because our community takes care of it.

For iftari all of us are given khajoor, biscuits and tea – that’s it! So no oily iftari right after roza, because within 20 mins our dinner is ready. After Maghrib (around 8ish) we go for dinner and the meal is delicious. We don’t have to worry about any meal preparation. All we have to worry about is sehri and that too not during barri raatain because the sehri is also in jamat khana.

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We get a weekly menu for our dinner which comprises of one sweet item( ice0cream, sojhi, kheer etc), one item with roti (karahi, haleem, sabzi, korma etc), one rice item (biryani, pulao, chinese rice, murgh-pulao etc) along with raita/soup/karri etc. After that we are served juices. For those who cannot attend dinner in the jamat khana there is an option of takeaway too. This dinner is for each and every member of the community all around the world in Bohra jamat khanas.

The whole purpose of this is so that people concentrate only on their prayers without having to worry about food, not only during Ramazan but all year round. This system is available all year around at a cost of PKR 5000 per month or extra donations only if one wishes to give those!

This is so that each and every person gets at least one meal for the day. It has been more than 25 years+ for this Ramazan dinner and 9+ years for Tiffin system initiation.

Every time Ramzan arrives, I cannot stop thanking Allah enough, because of this tradition we are liberated from kitchen during the time we would like it the most.

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