My big fab Birmingham Iftar

This is my Big Iftar in Birmingham and the night was a total success MashAllah! The whole idea to keep this party was to have a community event where people of all faiths got together. We wanted to break barriers, in this day and age, especially the ones portrayed by media. Our local church supported the idea and even gave us the church hall for free!

The day of the iftar, it was not just my friends and family who showed up with food. But also the others. In fact even the famous UK Charity Muslim Aid stepped in and helped us out! And surprisingly it was not just the neighborhood that came together but people from other localities. We ended up serving about 150 people. And the food was endless!

My Christian friend, who was also the co-host of this event said to me: “Fiza, it always amazes me how the in the Muslim community people come together and how they are so generous with food!”

My husband tirelessly face painted for three hours MashaAllah. My daughter who had just given her biology and music GCSE exam, hours before, did badge making with the kids! We all pitched in to make it a fun, memorable event for everyone who came.

Then when it was time for clean up and thousands of dirty utensils lay around – everyone pitched in! Stranger or not they all helped to wash and clean up! This was, for me, even if for one night – the ideal world to live in!

This story is submitted by Fiza Kamran

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