How I became a Tour Guide

I’ve always been passionate about travelling. It’s who I am. Funnily enough people had other ideas.

All I grew up hearing was: You have to become a doctor! You have to become a doctor!

I did my Matriculation and Intermediate and indulged myself in the race of becoming a doctor. Due to family crises I wasn’t able to prepare in the best way, so I didn’t make it. I wasn’t disheartened because I knew life wouldn’t end here. I changed my field and opted for B.S. Marketing Management from K.U.

Little did I know it was here that my life was going to change in the most unexpected way. I met the person whose profession inspired me the most! A traveler and a tour manager! Weirdly, we also had a mutual irritation of each other. We’d fight and… well, it’s another story. But one thing led to another and we ended up getting married!

My husband knew how passionate I was about travel so he involved me in his profession too. I learned each and every thing in my 52 days of honeymoon. There’s a lot a person has to know to be in this profession. You need to know how to make sure there is food. How to negotiate with hotel managers. How to manage kharoos drivers.

My husband start taking me with him in groups and I became even better at it. Then he get me admitted in Hazara University Mansehra for M.Phil in Tourism and himself for Ph.D. Since I was so passionate about this self-chosen profession of mine, I went on to manage a group of 50 people with my husband – despite the fact I was in my seventh month of pregnancy!

I did everything after consulting my doctor and she was a gem! There’s nothing more to say except that since then we have been a family of professional travelers. Our little one has been travelling with us since he was 4 months. He has even gone camping with us at the age of 8 months on Rama meadows – at a height of 9000 feet!

He’s gotten used to this nomadic lifestyle now of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of my incredible husband, Tanveer Qureishi. If you are passionate about anything and you take it as a challenge then no hurdles can defeat you! You can go from one day being under pressure to join a profession you feel nothing for, to another day becoming a family of travel experts, wandering the world and learning something new everyday. Make your own fate!

This article is submitted by Sundus Tanveer

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