This beauty hack will change your skin forever

Pakistan is the land of totkas. Like you can’t throw a chappal in a crowd without it landing on someone who knows exactly what’s wrong with you and what natural remedy you should be using to fix it ASAP. So why is your skin still such a drag, hm?

You can moisturise all you want – but if you’re dehydrated, your skin will show wrinkles way before your time. Dust and humidity don’t help. Which is our default weather 90% of the time. Dermatologists, Korean skincare products, parlour wali aunties wielding face polishes to one side – this one magical ingredient is all most of us really need for good quality skin.

Water is a freaking miracle. It’s a disappointment schools don’t really teach you all that much about it. You may have been told about 60% of our bodies are made up of water. But do you know how much water you need…per day? How much water you lose AND DON’T EVEN REALISE? That 60% is damn precious and it is your duty to protect your body’s reserves.

When you sweat in summer, you probably notice. But the fact is we lose water all the time. You can lose water even while breathing. Which is why we need to top ourselves up…. All. The. Time. How much? Experts recommend 2 Litres a day. Now we know you’re not a generator, nor are you a diesel wali garri, so you’re not counting in Litres when you drink. So here’s an easy hack: some people suggest keeping a count on the number of glasses you drink. If your drinking glass measures 8 ounces, then eight glasses of water per day is what you need as a minimum.

Another easy hack is to splurge on these beautiful Aquafina bottles. You have the amount handily written on the side. The contents of Aquafina bottles are guaranteed to be safe, good quality water. Carrying an Aquafina bottle on you when going out is one of the most seamless ways to stay hydrated on the go.

Moral of the story…drinking water is one of THE most important self-care strategy we ALL need to do more of. Plus point? It’s also the simplest! Drinking the right amount of water will do more than just keep your thirst down. It will make your skin glowy and divine. It will make your bowels function better. It will help you exercise better and after all that lazy-ass wedding season biryani marathons, you damn well need easier exercise in your life.

Drinking more water will make your muscles obey you as you’re Zumba-ing your fat rolls away. It will make you less tired. It will keep you more active. And it’s all as easy as grabbing an Aquafina bottle and taking on the world. Drink more water. Bas. It will change your life.

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