4 Jinn stories you don’t want to read before bedtime

Story #1

A friend of mine was on holiday in Canada and got lost in the woods one night. It was getting late and dark so it was a case of staying the night in the dark woods until first light. Upon looking for a suitable place to make shelter he saw this little cabin just standing there. He thanked his lucky stars that he found shelter and walked up to the cabin. The door was open; so he knocked on  and walked in. He looked around the cabin and there was no-one there, it was completely empty except for a little bed just sitting there all made up.

He was so tired from all that walking, he thought to himself that he would go to bed and explain to whoever owned this cabin what he’s doing there in the morning or whenever the person got back. He went to bed but had this really bad feeling that the paintings around the cabin were staring at him. These paintings were all over the 4 walls and he felt wherever he looked the paintings were looking also. The eyes followed him and whenever he glanced at them direct, the faces on the painting would look back – so angry like they wanted to just kill him! Anyway he tried to ignore the paintings and fell asleep eventually.

The next morning he woke up (the owner hadn’t come back) and huge rays of sunlight hit his eyes. He looked around the cabin room and noticed that there weren’t any paintings at all.
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Story #2

Just a few days ago, I think it was on Saturday night to be exact. My husband and I were lounging in the living room of our home. I dozed off on the couch and woke up around 3 AM to what I thought was my husband shouting at me saying, “We need to move!”

I thought he was trying to tell me to move to the bed. I shot up and swore I saw his face, just his face no body. Then a second later it was gone and I could hear him snoring in the bed. Then I realized he would never risk yelling at me while I am sleeping, or any time for that matter, but especially while I am sleeping. He would likely be harmed for the offense. j/j … maybe.

I changed my sleeping position recited Ayat al-Kursi (a verse in the Quran that is recited for protection) and went back to sleep on the couch (Not wanting to face the snoring) very shaken. The next morning I awoke remembering the incident and thought maybe it was a jinn trying to make us move from the house.

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Story #3

My mum once told me this story. Its strange but also sad.

She had an uncle living in India in mid 1900’s. Those days they used to travel on horses and carriages. Her uncle was once on his way back from a village and was coming home late night. He had gone for business and decided to bring home some sweets (mithai) for his children.

Whilst travelling late night he was stopped by an individual who blocked his way. This person said the sweets that you have purchased ‘give them to me’. Uncle shocked and confused asked him how he knew he had sweets. He replied he was a Jinn!

Uncle being of strict nature replied that he would not give the sweets under any circumstances.

The jinn again persuaded him saying give me the sweets as this is better for you and I will give you much more in return.

But uncle being a man of his word said ‘I bought these for my children and they will be eaten by my children.’

The jinn became very aggressive and said, ‘I cannot let you pass until you give me the sweets’.

Uncle knowing this jinn won’t give in said, “ok then i’ll have to fight you”.

In the middle of the night the jinn and uncle began fighting and not until fajar did the jinn run away by the call of the azaan.

Uncle tired and exhuasted finally reached home and his wife asked what had caused such a delay. Uncle was too tired to explain and went to bed.

Later that morning uncle’s wife went to wake him up but his body was lifeless and he had passed away.

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Story #4

Recently, in India there was a rickshaw driver in a village.

One day he picked up a passenger and was driving along. He stopped to pick up another and the three of them went along their journey.

One of the passengers asked the driver to stop and got off the rickshaw. Whilst he was walking away the driver noticed that his feet were twisted around – with toes pointing backwards!

Shocked at this he turned towards the other passenger telling him to look at the feet of the person walking away.

The passenger replied ‘If you’re shocked at his feet why don’t you also look at mine !’

His feet were also turned around and in a scare the driver accelerated his rickshaw.

His rickshaw crashed in a ditch and later the driver was discovered dead.

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