This easy, breezy DIY frame will make a lovely gift

Do you appreciate and screenshot Pinterest-y projects & pictures?

Are those pictures taking a significant chunk of your device memory?

Do you feel too busy or too non-creative to execute them?

Would you want to do a little project with your kids or sibling… or even just by yourself, if I were to tell you – “YOU CANNOT FAIL AT THIS!”

A little background, I am not a crafter myself. My husband had been away for a business trip and I was occupied at work myself. Since my plan to make his favorite dish on his arrival failed, I resorted to doing something a little quirky. The photography might throw you off. You’d think, ‘oh, this was planned. Look at the DSLR pictures. Who is she kidding!?’… Nah, mates, I took a gamble. Had it not turned out the way that it did, well, I would not have been all too Martha Stewart-y here. If I can, so can you!

Materials Needed:

– Cardboard Paper (size and color can be according to your preference)

– Paper Cutter

– A Magazine / Catalogue / Printed Paper

– A Wooden / Metal Frame

– Glue / Tape

– Ruler*

– Pencil*

– Eraser*

– Tracking Paper*

* Depends on what you wish to make








The pictures are self-explanatory of the steps to follow. However, I encourage you to think about the theme that you wish to follow. Measure & cut the cardboard according to measurements of the frame. The tracking can be as elaborate as a laser-cut design or as simple as basic shapes involving your kids. If you wish to make more than one, I would request you to increase the quantity of materials and take your time executing them.

A shortcut for intermediate or advanced crafters would be to use machine-cut stencils (die-cuts) and not go through paper cutters.

In my version, I used a lawn catalogue. If I were to do it again, I might tweak this a little to do a whole wall. Let your creative juices run and personalize it.

There’s no wrong way!

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