3 DIY ways to get a luxe look for less

Decorating your space and updating your interiors should be an ongoing and evolving process. Your space should be a reflection of your personality and should ultimately showcase how your taste and design aesthetic develops and transforms over time.

Personally, I think the most rewarding aspect of decorating any space is the process of editing and decluttering to minimize our year-round junk and discovering new and improved ways to upcycle items that no longer have their original use.

I am an ardent ‘Do It Yourself’ enthusiast.

The process of creating and innovating is as fascinating as the finished product and its truly an ego boost when I make something interesting and worthwhile out of yesterday’s crap!

Below are a few ways you can up-cycle existing items in your house to enhance and update your space. Whether you’re on a budget or not; these quick, simple and inventive projects will make your weekends more productive and give you the confidence to attempt more complex ventures in the future!

A DIY Gallery Wall:

Gallery walls are ALL the rage these days and transforming an empty wall in your home doesn’t need to be an exorbitant proposition.

Identify the wall you would like to decorate, and consider the natural light you’re exposed to; perhaps you need to add a spotlight or two or maybe a floor lamp might be an interesting feature. Then on to the “gallery” exhibit:

Find old books, dictionaries or catalogues you’re willing to throw out and recycle them by feeding the paper into your printer and printing out photographs or prints that have caught your eye. Alternatively, you could invest in good quality water color paper from the art store for a more sophisticated feel.

Peruse through your Instagram feed and print out memorable family photographs you would like to showcase or browse through your Facebook albums for some interesting candid moments.

Here are a few more sources for beautiful botanical prints, quirky vintage posters and incredible digital art that would be a welcome addition to any gallery exhibit. Play around with frames and placements and feel free to switch up the pieces every season!



DIY Plate Décor.

This is a personal favorite. Update plain white dinner plates or simply purchase some cheap ones from the super market.

Grab a colored sharpie marker and scribble on a verse, draw on some doodles, write down some meaningful song lyrics or even a special recipe you love whipping up for your family and friends.

Bake the plate for about thirty minutes in the oven at 150 and its permanent!

You can go ahead and install this on the wall, place it on your shelf or even give it to a friend as a cute hostess or housewarming gift!


DIY Vintage Teacup Candles.

We all have a few tea sets that are missing a handle or contain a chipped cup we refuse to part with for sentimental reasons. Now you don’t have too!

Grab the stack of cheap candles you purchased for the inevitable power outage that is the hallmark of the Pakistani experience.

Cut up the candle-remove the wick and melt the candle in a deep saucepan.

Now insert the wick into the cup and pour the melted wax over it- leave in a cool dry place to set and voila! You have a beautiful new candle to show off and brag about! 😉


Featured Image: habituallychic.luxury


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