20 items to keep in your Wedding day kit

The day of the wedding is stressful. As a bride, there’s a large possibility that you are decked up at least 6 hours prior to the wedding. And minor mishaps are always part of the package.


This is why we have listed the top items you need to stash in your bridal kit, to keep close at hand the day of your wedding. Whether your side-friend carries it or your sister, these items will ensure you stay ahead of any emergencies that can potentially sprout up at the spur of the moment. So go ahead and find a tote bag to stuff them all in and a person to manage them!

  1. Sewing kit – for any last minute tears or minor alterations. You may have a zip that falls apart or a hem that crumbles and that’s where a needle and thread may come in handy.
  2. Q-tips and cotton pads – to fix any minor mishaps in your wedding. Eyeliner smudged? No worries, just gently dab it off with a q-tip and your best friend’s help.
  3. A small mirror to keep in touch with what’s happening on your face, with regards to your makeup. No one wants lipstick on their teeth in candid phone pictures, right?
  4. Oil absorbing sheets – Clean ‘n Clear does some great ones to absorb any extra shine on your face. This is particularly useful for summer weddings when turning into a oilfield takes little to no effort.
  5. Tampons or Pads and an extra underwear – if Aunt Flo decides to turn up in the middle of your event, you want to be prepared.
  6. Bobby pins and Safety pins – in case your hair decides to act up or you need some more support for your dupatta.
  7. Tiny bottle of hairspray – for random bits of hair that are having too much fun flying around without your consent.
  8. A hair brush or comb – to fix any hair mishaps.
  9. Concealer and lipstick – in the right shades. For any touch ups you may need, especially since Pakistani wedding events last till late night.
  10. Face powder – works wonders to fix oily skin or foundation that is wearing out.
  11. Eye lash glue – yes please! Eye lashes are notorious for falling out. Eye lash glue with some Q-tip can fix any unruly eyelashes.
  12. Roll-on Deodorant – in case you forgot to wear it while dressing up.
  13. Small bottle of perfume – just to freshen up during the wedding.
  14. Loose change – you never know when you may need it.
  15. A snack. Or two – in case dinner takes a while.
  16. Mints or chewing gum – so that you don’t scare the guests away.
  17. Clear nail polish – to fix nail chipping and even loose buttons or stones on your dress!
  18. Hand sanitizer – you may need it after some daigi korma.
  19. Chapstick or vaseline – especially useful for winter brides.
  20. A positive attitude – because you’ll need lots of it through the best day of your life.

Here’s wishing all the upcoming brides, the perfect wedding days and the happiest marriages.

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