10 essentials you want to keep in your Hajj bag

1. Light & comfortable clothing. Something that doesn’t cause rashes or drench you in sweat but also covers properly. One can get light cotton or summer linen abayas made in full sleeves for this purpose with light head scarves. It is preferable you keep two pair of extra clothing to change for the days that you are in Mina during your Hajj journey.


2. Comfortable shoes/slippers that you have used before and are won’t cause blisters with extensive walking.


3. Unscented toiletries that include: a hand wash, facewash, toothpaste, sanitizer, body wash and shampoo.


4. A small pouch with personal belongings like: toilet seat covers, nail cutter, scissors, a comb, a pack of tissue paper and face mask.


5. Small foldable umbrella & sunglasses to protect against the scorching heat as you would have to walk a lot to reach the destined spots.


6. Cross body bag for the Day of Arafah to keep all the essential documents and a pocket diary where one has noted down all the prayers to make.


7. Old school Nokia phone that can be used to make calls/sms and has a long battery life.


8. Pocket Quran that can easily be used while stuck in queues to board the train.


9. Basic medication for fever, flu and analgesic cream to overcome any unforeseeable illnesses.


10. Dry snacks and water bottle like nuts, crackers, crisps, biscuits that you could munch on in case of being stuck in a jam which is pretty common.


Last but certainly most important: lots of calmness & patience to overcome all uncertainties. We wish you all the best for the greatest journey of your life and hope you remember all of mankind (especially those in war-torn areas like Kashmir & Syria or suffering through poverty and pain) in your prayers.

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