Mobile Phones to buy under 20k

On the way back to home, my friend was driving back when a middle-age guy approached and snatched her phone by saying “Jo kuch bhi hai dedo”. This miserable incident happened at Punjab Chowrangi Signal and she was left in despair. Coming…

Easy way to make Paneer at home

I am trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle these days – not necessarily diet but just skip the junk food and eat better in an attempt to be more energetic & productive. The solution provided to this problem by just about everyone is…

20 items to keep in your Wedding day kit

The day of the wedding is stressful. As a bride, there’s a large possibility that you are decked up at least 6 hours prior to the wedding. And minor mishaps are always part of the package. This is why we have listed the top items you…

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